Strong heritage, proven track record in veterinary and human health

We are Kela. We are eager to engage, to partner up, to share our know how and experience and be your sustainable associate in the business of health.

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Substantiating your business with Kela

We are Kela. In our opinion, our license to operate is to deliver to our clients – veterinarians and physicians – the high quality and reliable medicines they require to successfully treat their patients. In essence it describes our purpose as a company, our distribution partnerships and our commitment to the healthcare community, anywhere in the world.

We are open for business. Let’s discuss.

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Working at KELA

Each and every Kela employee is at the heart of our business. Their talent and engagement are essential to delivering our promise to our customers. This forms the Kela culture which is central to understanding markets and customer needs, being quality-oriented and delivering meaningful products and services to our customers.

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Our portfolio covers a comprehensive range of animal and human health products.

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