What makes us different

Kela flourishes on the cross-fertilisation between our heritage, our people and our offer.

Our unequalled expertise comes from decades of relentless research, development and innovation efforts in the animal health area. Kela’s historical focus on facilitating veterinarians in antimicrobial treatment has made us one of the few global players in penicillin as a finished product for animal use.

Our people in our animal health business are highly educated and understand what drives veterinarians in their profession, regardless of the region where they practice. We have trained veterinarians, (industrial) pharmacists, engineers, economists and MBA qualified people on staff. Our people support farmers with global expert know-how and an approach adapted to local circumstances. Thanks to this tremendous source of experience we are close to veterinarians’ and pharmacists’ day-to-day challenges.

Our comprehensive portfolio is designed to meet the requirements of veterinarians in very diverse regions in the world. This, in combination with our efforts to provide relevant product support, makes Kela a trusted partner to many professionals in the animal health.

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What makes us different?
Our unequalled experience
Our people’s background
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