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Good animal health is a socio-economic benefit

Good animal health increasingly means a matter of ensuring socio-economic livelihood for farmers around the world. The global animal health market is fundamentally changing. People’s awareness about the nutritional quality of what they eat and about feed-to-food safety firmly extends into concern about animal health, welfare and performance in livestock breeding.

Keeping livestock healthy

We strongly commit to promoting and supporting animal health, regardless of regions, climate conditions or local challenges in farming productivity. Kela is one of the few global experts in penicillin products as a finished product for veterinary use, which comes in different formulations and administration forms. Part of our ongoing R&D and innovation efforts is dedicated to improving safety during transportation, storage and administration of our products. We do research and development on the user-friendliness of our packaging and on the animal-friendliness of our different administration forms, e.g. making solutions less viscous to reduce pain for animals. In addition to antibiotics, our animal health product portfolio is focused on providing solutions in other therapeutic areas such as anti-inflammatory, anti-parasite and anthelmintic preparations. Our injectable vitamins and feed supplement portfolio is designed to sustain the healthy condition of both companion and livestock animals by compensating for potential lack of vitamins and minerals in their daily diet. Our substantial experience in development, manufacturing and registration helps us explore new collaboration opportunities and acquiring products for distribution that form a value-based add-on to our portfolio.

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