Contract manufacturing

We have been developing and manufacturing pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements for many decades. That means a lot of experience.

We have learned to nurture high quality active substances and ingredients as they determine the quality and safety of the product at the end of the packaging conveyor belt. We are adamant when it comes to quality assurance during every single step of the manufacturing process.

In our view manufacturing is an important link in the interconnected value chain of development, registration and market introduction.

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“For us at Kela manufacturing is part of an interconnected chain of research, development, registration and marketing.”

Manufacturing expertise

It’s fair to say that, over the years, Kela has acquired an expert status in mastering the complexity of a pharmaceutical production environment. We provide dedicated end-to-end services and tailored one-stop solutions. Our strong development capability in formulation, analytical services and project management, in combination with our helicopter-view on diverse manufacturing processes, makes us a strategic partner in fulfilling CMO and CDMO manufacturing needs.

As part of our partnership strategy we look out for opportunities to put our development and manufacturing expertise at work for new partners in business. Our offering in contract manufacturing and contract & development manufacturing spans the whole chain between formulation, development and eventually  making the product available to the market.

What makes us different in CMO

Our longstanding production expertise

We have been manufacturing medicines and feed supplements for decades, both of our proprietary brands and on behalf of third-party business partners. We know how to ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products throughout the most complex production processes.

Our people’s drive to excel in what they do

Quality assurance is in the DNA of our people. We are proud of the products we manufacture. It makes no difference to us whether they are our own brands or the brands of our business partners. Quality and safety must prevail.

Our added value to our customers’ business

We understand that putting your brand in the hands of a contract manufacturer takes confidence. For us contract manufacturing is a two-way relationship, where open and timely communication is essential. Our people know how to listen. We analyse our customers’ expectations and then act upon them. We are meticulous in what we do and flexible in how we do it.