Our values

Our values are expressed in the acronym PARTICIPATE, which extends Passion, Accountability, Respect, Result-driven and Teamwork into a verb that characterises who we are. We PARTICIPATE@KELA.

Respect is a major corner stone of our organisation. Respect for each-other is the fertile soil for respect for customers, for regulators and local authorities, for the communities in which we function and that we serve. Respect is a matter of trust, of allowing and encouraging everyone to contribute their knowledge and skills. It’s based on integrity, transparency and an open-minded attitude of listening to people – internally and externally – and  embracing different opinions.

Accountability starts with taking our responsibilities seriously. Acting professionally means working efficiently, according to plan, with a great sense of quality for our customers. We embrace discipline as we respect rules and commitments.

Our Result-driven attitude is reflected in our “can do” mentality. We are pro-active, curious about our customers and markets and work towards solutions. We set priorities and make clear choices in respect of the objectives of Kela and the requirements of our customers.

Teamwork is a given.We contribute to a positive and appreciative working environment based on mutual respect. We support and help our colleagues where possible and share our knowledge. We consider effective communication to be crucial for our company’s output to customers.

Passion is what brings all our values together. We thrive on enthusiasm, we are proud of our personal achievements and those of Kela. We are creative and like to think out-of-the-box in creating value for customers.