Proprietary distribution

Proprietary distribution

Kela products are distributed globally through a combined network of proprietary distribution affiliates and external distribution partners. Our distribution strategy allows us to effectively target our sales and marketing efforts and create value for our customers, our distribution partners and our own affiliates.

Our proprietary distribution affiliates each have their specific customer focus and portfolio. Kela Veterinaria N.V. operates on the Belgian market with a strong basic portfolio for the treatment of both companion and livestock animals. The distribution strategy of our UK based affiliate Anupco Ltd T/A Kela  Animal Health UK is to provide veterinarians with value-creating products for companion and livestock animals that often stand out from overcrowded ranges.  Kela de las Américas SA has been active in Mexico since 2013, giving Kela a foot on the ground in Central America while partnering up with a network of local distributors.

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