About Kela

Expert know-how

Kela was established as a Belgian family-owned business back in 1941. We have built expert know-how in every aspect of bringing pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements to market. Our expertise stems from well targeted acquisitions and an organic hiring policy to build expert teams in all areas of R&D, production, global registrations, marketing, sales and export. Our teams develop and improve pharmaceuticals that meet the requirements of different species and agricultural challenges in global animal health. Our human health portfolio is specifically designed to serve the Belgian and Luxembourg markets, increasingly centred around folic acid containing specialities.

All-round partner to our customers

In addition to premium product quality, Kela is renowned for its outstanding expertise in local regulatory practices and registration processes around the world. It allows us to comply with the most diverse registration requirements by submitting tailor-made dossiers to local authorities. In the field of distribution and marketing, we work both with our affiliates and through external distribution partners. This allows us to direct our sales and marketing resources most effectively to those distribution channels that provide maximum performance and generate win-win cost-benefit levels. Many decades of production experience have put Kela at a premium level where the company has the capabilities to handle the most delicate and complex manufacturing processes. Our high production standards and unequalled export performance make us a preferred contract manufacturing (CMO) partner for veterinary product suppliers around the world.

Member of Access VetMed

Kela is a proud member of Access VetMed.

Access VetMed, formerly known as the European Group for Generic Veterinary Products (EGGVP), was founded in 2002 to represent the generic veterinary medicines industry in Europe.

Back in the days, Kela was one of the founding members of EGGVP.

Access VetMed emphasizes on the value of generic veterinary medicines for animal health and society and they play an active role in the EU decision-making process. They promote the responsible use of veterinary medicines to ensure these are used to the benefit of animals according to One Health approach. With this approach, they make a perfect match with our own vision.