Our global veterinary portfolio is focused on providing premium pharmaceuticals and feed supplements for cattle, swine and poultry in livestock farming and companion animals. We strongly commit to the sustainable use of medicines in livestock.


Throughout the most diverse regions in the world cattle and other ruminants are very important species in the animal production. Our partners in these regions are expert service providers to small-scale and industrial cattle farmers.

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Poultry is the most generally accepted food element around the world. We support poultry farmers in keeping their animals healthy and treating them against parasites.

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The swine industry continues to expand into the world as a source of nutritional meat. Our premium pharmaceuticals fit very well with the requirements of industrialised production.

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Companion Animals

Companion animals have gained significant importance in human society and responsible care for animals has become a growing concern.

Medicines for companion animals constitute an important part of our portfolio in our own distribution companies. We provide a broad range of products, which serves as the basis package for every veterinarian who treats companion animals.

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Our portfolio covers a comprehensive range of animal and human health products.

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