What makes us different

The depth and breadth of our expertise

75+ years of development and manufacturing of medicines comes with solid heritage and know-how. We deploy our accumulated expertise to deliver scientifically well-founded pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. We owe it to ourselves and to our customers that Kela products prove to be relevant and provide added value to patients.

The commitment of our people

Open communication and reliable information are crucial in the relationship between healthcare practitioners and patients. We at Kela advocate responsible prescription and sustainable use of medicines towards healthcare professionals. We make continuous efforts to improve our communications about the safety and efficacy of our products to patients.

The focus of our offer

We consider that no pharmaceutical company can be a true expert in every field of human health. Going forward we will increasingly focus our development efforts on selected health areas where we can make a real difference. This does not exclude continued investment in our broader portfolio. What really matters is that our portfolio is attuned to the evolving health requirements of the community at large. Our focus on being the expert of folic acid containing specialties underpins that objective.

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What makes us different?
Depth and breadth of our expertise
Commitment of our people
Focus of our offering

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