One Health

Animal farming, regardless of regions, species or consumption purposes is a matter of livelihood for farmers and an important source of consumer nourishment. We at Kela take both of them very seriously. Our business model is built on supporting farmers in protecting their livestock from diseases in most diverse regional environments and economic models. Our social responsibility is inspired by helping ensure that livestock produce is healthy and safe for those who consume it. Therefore Kela advocates the responsible and sustainable use of antibiotics and other medicines in farming, but for all that matters also in companion animal treatment.

Our “one health” philosophy is based on the belief that good animal health is an important social and economic benefit to our customers and their animals as well as to consumers and the environment in general. Our prime contribution to growing awareness about the importance of sustainable farming is in the coaching and educational area.  Our veterinary experts work with local customers and distributors to provide coaching on sustainable conduct in animal care. And when the use of antibiotics is unavoidable we advocate individual treatment of animals as opposed to systematic and (for many animals in a single flock) unnecessary grouped administration of antibiotics.

Penicillin is by excellence a product that fits into our “one health” approach as it precisely allows personalised injectable treatments. We see farmers increasingly treat animals individually where possible, mostly in cattle. Individual treatment allows them to apply the right dose and treatment cycle as per the animal’s requirements, in conformity with label instructions. Where individual treatment is not possible, like in poultry, our soluble powders are easily dosable, both in small and very big stables. We also advise industrialised farming businesses about soluble product dispensing technologies that effectively reach affected animals through their drink-water supply. Such measures in themselves mean great contributions to the sustainable use of medicines in farming.

“One health” means our contribution to sustainable animal farming, consumer health and safety and care for the environment around the world.